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Massage options

Relaxation and regeneration for body and soul: enjoy the calming effects of a massage. Discover our diverse range of options and make an appointment as early as possible. We're happy to advise you on the best programme for you.

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Appointments are available daily:
Salt spa desk or hotel reception T +41 33 856 29 29
We recommend to book your massage well in advance.

Classic massage with scented oils

Partial or whole-body massage. Stimulates circulation, releases tension, relaxes the body and soul.
25 minutes for CHF 55.00
50 minutes for CHF 95.00

Sports massage

Ideal before or after sporting activities. Stimulates circulation and muscle metabolism.
25 minutes for CHF 55.00
50 minutes for CHF 95.00

Herbal stamp massage

Relaxes muscle tension, promotes purification and soothes mental tension. The warming effect of the herbal stamp stimulates the flow of energy.
50 minutes for CHF 125.00
90 minutes for CHF 150.00

Lomi lomi massage

Traditional massage from Hawaii with background music and scented oils in which various treatment techniques are used with stretching and joint work. Enjoy a pleasant surprise!
50 minutes for CHF 110.00
90 minutes for CHF 140.00

Hot stone massage

Deep relaxation of body and mind. The combination of massage, heat, cold and energy work promotes well being in every way.
50 minutes for CHF 125.00
90 minutes for CHF 150.00

Honey massage

Purifies and regenerates body and soul, revitalises and strengthens your whole being. This massage is especially well suited for tension and colds and improves overall well being.
25 minutes for CHF 60.00

Body peeling

Deep-pore purification and skin smoothing. Your skin will look and feel like new, fresh and soft.
25 minutes for CHF 55.00

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